A Passo d'Arte was funded in 2011 by Teresa Meucci, an Italian Art Expert from Tuscany.

We  conceive unique tailor made art guided tours exclusively for Museum Members, Donors and Patrons at international level, ensuring unparalleled entrée and privileged access into the finest venues of contemporary creativity in Italy: artist gardens, sculpture parks, installations in the vineyards, museums and galleries, luxury wineries, unique architectures.

Our in depth knowledge of Italy extends beyond the well known regions and cities such as Venice, Florence and Milan, to lesser known, but exceptionally special places, such as Umbria, the Alps region, and the Italian island Sardinia.

Thanks to the special friendships and professional art connections we have built up over years, A Passo d'Arte combines behind-the-scenes museum visits, planning exclusive visits to the homes of high-profile private collectors, special sessions within the studios of cutting-edge contemporary artists and designers, and more, along with the finest Italian cuisine and elegant accommodations.

Led by museum curators, architects, art critic and experienced guides, our bespoke tours offer global perspectives on art, architecture, design, fashion, and wine culture.

Each itinerary is specially handcrafted and designed according to the specific needs and requirements of each client, always providing privileged and thoroughly personalized experience.

We take pride in the content of our itineraries, and our goal is always to provide service of the highest caliber.


Born and raised in Tuscany, I spent my formation years between Pisa, New York, and Milano, where I currently live.

I hold a master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Art History from the University of Pisa, where I focused my studies on twenty century Italian sculpture and photography.

I began my career in the arts in New York as A researcher and independent curator, to then make stride in the art market world.

Over 10 years of diverse professional experiences in the fine arts, I built a long-standing relationships with top international art galleries, museums, collectors, auction houses and private dealers.

In 2017 I established Teresa Meucci Fine Arts, an independent art advisory service based in Milano, specialized in 20th century international art. The year after I was thrilled to be taking up a new and prestigious role in Germany: I was appointed Modern and Contemporary Art Specialist by the historical Auction House Karl&Faber in Munich, for whom I work with great enthusiasm to built a strong representative office in Milano


I’ve always been very instinctive with my career choices and in 2011 I decided to create something new on my own. In addition to my work as art expert, I funded APDA, a Milan-based firm specialized in fine art traveling in Italy for Museum Friends and Patrons Circles. While I was living in New York I discovered exceptional art travel agencies working only for Museums, creating for their major donors high level content art trip programs. Then I thought, why not making the same in Italy, putting my deep knowledge of the arts here at disposal of prestigious museums associations, becoming their main reference point in my Country? I started concentrating my work in Tuscany, the region I come from, at the narrow Umbria, to then extend my tours in other Italian areas with an exciting contemporary art and architectural scene: Sardinia, Milano, the Alps region (Bozen, Trento), Venice and its surroundings.

Thanks to my excellent relationships with artists, museum professionals, galleries, critics, academics, and collectors. The result is uniquely crafted custom tours that will give your group an insider’s experience of Italian culture, and its people, along with personal connections to its art world.