Guided by an unyielding passion and deep understanding of our country, we create ready-to-book itineraries according to you or your group’s expectations.  Our team of experts, on your behalf, meticulously research and select only the most exceptional destinations including: special art sites, charming hotels, resorts, and local restaurants.

We oversee our itineraries from start to finish, from handling the tedious to negotiating the best rates, we aim to maximize your time for leisure and enjoyment.

You will be guided by local art historians, curators, and professors, who have been recruited from distinguished cultural institutions and associations.

Experience the wineries with tastings hosted by expert winemakers  and enologists. At each stop, we ensure that your group is received in the most personal and special way.


DESIGN of TAILOR MADE ITINERARIES  for single travelers and groups of people to suit your destinations’ preferences, times and needs

TRAVEL CONSULTING services for MUSEUMS, Foundations, Universities, Associations, Art Galleries, Auction Houses and Companies which aim to offer to their members, partners, clients and students the unforgettable experience of a tailor-made exclusive travel

TRAVEL CONSULTING services for international TRAVEL AGENCIES and Tour Operators