APDA is a project by Teresa Meucci (Pistoia 1982), Art Historian and Independent Curator, she is specialized in Italian Art of the XX Century and Photography. She lived in New York working as researcher at the MoMA Archives supported by the Marino Marini Foundation Fellowship. She was a Curatorial Fellow at the International Center of Photography and Junior Curator at the Harlem Studio Fellowship by Montrasio Arte, an Artist Residency Program in New York. She is co-author of “Immagin(e)Azione. Enrico Cattaneo Franco Mazzucchelli” (Cambi Editore 2011) and contributor for International art magazines. She was appointed Curator at the Biennale Giovani Monza 2013.


Dott.ssa Teresa Meucci
Founder and Art Director

Via del Maestrale
7/A 51100 Pistoia

T: + 39. 333 8633255
E: info@apassodarte.com

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