Tuscany Tours

    • Open air museums
    • Luxury wineries
    • Contemporary Architecture in Tuscany
    • Historic villas and gardens
    • Sculpture and refine handicraft
    • Fashion Mason in Florence
    • Contemporary Art Galleries and artists’ studio visits
    • Thermal relax and wine tasting
    • Tuscan Automobile Tours / Tuscany by car / road trip tuscany
    • Art cities and historic houses
    • Photographic Museums and Archives

Partners and Friends

APDA works closely with museums, art historians, guides and cultural tourism professionals to design tour programs for our clients that inspire, teach and intrigue. We collaborate with only the best Tour Operators in Italy to ensure that our custom tour designs and travel services are executed to perfection. Our developed network of relationships affords you convenience and exclusivity. With the help of our trusted friends we offer you hotel and restaurant reservations, guided tours, museums entrances, wine tastings, private transports, drivers, private chefs, interpreters and even have babysitters on speed dial!

Discover Innovative Tuscany Tours

Staccioli_SIENAAPDA is a Tuscany out of the ordinary. Is the art of abandoning yourself completely for uncharted experiences. Is about exploring new terrains. A scenery of great charm and an antique atmosphere crossed by modernity. Olive tree branches at warm sunset light, the allure of the barrique wood, a sculpture by Alberto Burri growing on earth, the sacred silence in the Renzo Piano’s wine cellar, the astonishment of a Kapoor installation in an antique chapel of Chianti. Places to savour with all senses. So simple, so very precious. Experiences turns into lasting memories. A new way of living Tuscany… A Tuscany A PASSO D’ARTE.

Tenuta_dell'Ammiraglia_di_Marchesi_de'_FrescobaldiWe have selected the best historical and most technologically advanced wineries designed by renowned architects.

APDA also offers curator-led tours, artist’s studio visits, excursions to art cities and special tours for motorcycle and auto enthusiasts.


Tuscany Tours: Private & Luxurious

Tuscany Tours: FlorenceGuided by an unyielding passion and deep understanding of our country, we create ready-to-book itineraries according to you or your group’s expectations. Our team of experts, on your behalf, meticulously research and select only the most exceptional destinations including: special art sites, charming hotels, resorts, and local restaurants.

We oversee our itineraries from start to finish, from handling the tedious to negotiating the best rates, we aim to maximize your time for leisure and enjoyment.

Tuscany: The Region

Tuscany is a magical land located in the heart of Italy which reaches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Its landscape, artistic heritage and infamous cities – first among them Florence – make Tuscany an unrivaled competitor for international tourism.

Tuscany Tours - The Region

Provinces of Tuscany:

Florence (regional capital), Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno,
Lucca, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato, Siena

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